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Feeding Program 

Help feed the people of Bayel and Simonette.  Anchor4Haiti is beginning an aggressive campaign to feed the hungry in the Bayel and Simonette communities.  We want to ensure that every person in these villages are offered one meal a day. Currently, some families are eating a meal every other day due to the weak economy. Your contributions will purchase the essentials like rice and beans.  


Save the CoastLine

The coast line in Bayel is eroding threatening the church and many homes in the community.  Please partner with us to help save the future of Bayel!

Phase 1 is to push the ocean back by dumping gravel and sand along the coast line.  This will help tremulously in delaying the erosion of the land. Phase 1 also includes growing trees along the coast line that have unique root systems that act as natural coral reefs helping to delay land erosion.

2nd Phase is to build a sea wall along the coast line securing the land for future generations of Bayel.  With the sea wall Anchor4Haiti can move forward with the school and orphanage that Bayel most desperately needs.



There are many orphans in Haiti.  To ensure we are doing our part to help we want to provide a safe and loving home for the orphans in the Bayel community.

The first phase will be to build a two-story orphanage next the church in Bayel.  This building will house orphans from the Bayel community giving the children the love and support they need and deserve.


Job Creation

We at Anchor4Haiti will begin the process of job creation in Haiti by establishing a construction business. The construction company will not only serve a great need for building safe homes in Bayel and surrounding communities but will also create jobs allowing the people to become self-sufficient.

The Construction business will build safer homes for the people at a more affordable price.  By using a unique paneling system using a fiber cement product the homes will be able to withstand high winds and earthquakes and reduce temperatures inside the houses up to 20 degrees.

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