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About Us

In 2014, Mackendy Jean, a Haitian from Simonette, Haiti had a vision to spread the Gospel in the village of Bayel and help raise the orphans of the community.  From that vision Mackendy created Rescue Souls for Christ Church.  Through RSCC, Mackendy began running short term mission trips with his wife Kerri Jean.  Financial donations from those trips allowed RSCC to begin building the first ever church in the Bayel community.

In 2016, Mackendy teamed up with Don and Wendy Osborn to form Anchor4Haiti.  Don and Wendy began mission trips to Haiti in 2013 and knew the Lord had called them to ministry work in in the country.  By the direction of the Holy Spirit Don and Mackendy met and knew from the beginning they were supposed to work together to fulfill the vision God had given them.

With the formation of Anchor4Haiti, RSCC became the Church and Orphanage advancement department to ensure that focus on the ministry original vision would not fail.

Today, Anchor4Haiti has an ambitious goal to empower the people of Haiti through teaching of the hope of Jesus Christ through the local and church and supporting the people through new opportunities for employment and schooling.

We at Anchor4Haiti believe Haiti is in a unique position to be transformed by the hand of God.  There are other Christ Oriented missions and organizations making a true impact on the island and people.  From the care of orphans and the elderly to the teaching of children the country is being transformed from the inside out by the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  We believe that through unity of faith that the people of Haiti will be empowered through opportunity to lives that are enriched with prosperity developing hope for future generations.

Join in with Anchor4Haiti as we venture out to do our part to ensure that God shows his strength through the people of Haiti. 

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